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About GRI

Global Resource International Corp., Ltd

GRI (Global Resource International Corp., Ltd), is located in Qingdao Shandong China which specialized in manufacturing Commercial strength fitness equipment. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customer with well-crafted fitness equipment that is both visually stunning and practical. Since the very beginning we have worked under the principle of honesty, thoroughness, innovation and excellent service for many years. Today our values and determination to produce top quality products forged our name in the industry and helped us to form long-term partnerships with many well-known fitness brands such as Cybex, Johnson (Matrix), BH, True Fitness, and Synergy Australia. Furthermore, we take the subject of intellectual property as a serious matter; now We own a dozen of patents and more than 600 products with each pieces designed genially.

GRI distinguishing features

After more than 20 years of business experiences, GRI (Global Resource International Corp.,) has become a company with great proficiency and unique characteristic when it comes to the field of commercial strength products.

  1. Focus on commercial strength products

Currently GRI promotes multiple series of commercial strength products as main stream product.

  1. Wide varieties of products

Other than commercial strength products, GRIalso carries goods such as multi-station machines, hydraulic resistance machines

  1. R&D

GRI’s R&D department has always been the core of the company, by working with the value of innovation and versatility, GRI has created more than 3000 new products and acquired dozen of patents.

  1. Global Market

GRI focus on oversea businesses and has started to step into China’s domestic market as well. GRI’s products are sold all over the world.

  1. Quality Control

GRI’s quality control starts from the very first step of evaluating raw materials. We undergo strict inspections to ensure the best quality products are delivered to the clients. Nowadays GRI has acquired multiple quality control certificates.

GRI-The GRI brand represents our core values:
Honesty,Thoroughness,Innovation and Service.

In the past,We have had several customers has asked us to customize a piece for them. Often, it is not as simple as changing the colors or the weight stack. Instead,this service requires us to create new items from scratch specifically for the customer.Because of our in-house R&D team, we are able to create,design and innovate for our customers.Through experience,we have found that just being able to innovate is not enough. These new creations need to be tested on paper,in thecomputer and in actual product samples. Our philosophy of being thorough allows our products to be top notch.And our philosophy of being honest allows our customers to trust that they are not only receiving a top notch product,but also a product that we take pride in.

Vertex USA brand is our main brand

Vertex  is our main brand. It signifies the highest peak. For use that means we expect our machines to reach the highest level of excellence.All of our Vertex products are built with quilty parts and attention to detail to deliver an effective workout.That is our promise to you,our customer.