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Be Your Better Self

GRI Logo design concept

The concept of “Qi” plays a significant role in the traditional Chinese culture; its inscriptions were first found 3000 years ago on bones and shells of the ancient Shang dynasty. “Qi” was originally refers to as “clouds with visible form” which then later on adopted the meaning of “limitless spiritual energy of life” that forms the tangible world. The universe originated from “Qi”, every substance in the world, regardless if it is the celestial body, or the life and death of any living things, it is all the doing of “Qi”.

GRI’s logo, imitates the figure of a man practicing Tai-Chi (a type of Chinese martial art that focus on strengthening one’s Qi) by pushing his arm outwards. Like a master material artist, the circular form of the logo reflects its liveliness and peacefulness that he achieved through training. Which then the two elements combined into a harmonious flow of Qi that is essential for one’s healthiness. The fundamental value of a fitness company should be based on improving people’s health. By reaching a harmonious state of one’s mind, body, and soul is when one becomes truly healthy. GRI’s logo was inspired by that very particular concept and strives to provide products that can help all to achieve ultimate healthiness.

“Be Your Better Self” is the slogan that GRI goes by.

Everyone has an inner voice that inspires oneself to become better, and for that reason we exercise. Exercise not only boosts one’s confidence, but also makes one more energetic. Therefore, we strive to be a better self by working hard and learning more. We all want to be a better self, so we change.

In the aspect of business operation, GRI carries four core values: Honesty, Thoroughness, Innovation, and Excellent service.

GRI emphasize on the idea of being innovative. We are heavily devoted in our department of R&D and ensure that our ability of creating new products remains competitive. When serving our customers, we execute every case with honesty, thoroughness and excellent service.

Honesty is the best policy; it is also the key factor to form a healthy long-term partnership. Thoroughness helps us improve on a consistent base. While excellent service keeps the customers coming!