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National Women's BodybuildingTeam training base in Chengdu--successful case

GRI Vertex won the recognition and used by 2016 CBBA (Chinese Bodybuilding Association) and National Women's Bodybuilding Team .
The following photo 1: GRI Vertex USA get reward and obtain a certificate of training fitness equipment by CBBA training base in Chengdu in 2016 .

photo 2 :CBBA training base in Chengdu,The whole set of Vertex USA strength fitness equipments are arranged inside the room. 

Following photos are The National Women's Bodybuilding training base and GRI photographed directly from journalist 's video file.

The training base is directed by CBBA ( Chinese Bodybuilding Association) and General Administration of Sport, according to the bodybuildingt features tailored professional equipments for team members, photos of National Women's Bodybuilding Team was guided by a coach, training with the GRI Vertex fitness equipment for back, shoulders and arms.

Three photos below are Yang Lan who is a member of National Women's Bodybuilding Team, she won the Champion of Bikini under 163cm at the 50th Asian Bodybuilding Championships in May, 2016, will also compete at Poland World Championships, Yang Lan was using Vertex Lat Machine (link to product introduction), lift shoulder to train dorsi muscle, can make beautiful figure on the back.

The following two photos are a member of National Women's Bodybuilding Team, Shi Ze Lan, she won the second place of Bikini 163cm at 50th Asian Bodybuilding Championships in May, 2016 ;and the champion of College Bikini team of Chinese Bodybuilding Championship at China Ping An Bank Cup. She was using a Vertex Assisted Chin Up (link to product introduction), doing pull-ups and training arm, dorsi muscle , biceps and trapezius muscle and increase the overall core strength!

The last photo is a member of National Women's Bodybuilding Team , Qi Xiaoyun, she will also go to Poland World Championships, was using the Vertex Tricep (link to product introduction) to have firm arm, so that it does not have the loose muscles "butterfly sleeve" problem.