2. yugowoman 瑜珈女
5. sportwoman 運動女
3. joggingwoman 運動女2
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4. shoes 運動配備

2016/10/19 Taiwan's S-Team Elite League came to visit

2016/10/19,  new President of Taiwan's S-Team Elite Leaguge, Mark Chang (President of Health Stream) with other S-Team members came to visit us. 

S-Team is an alliance of Taiwan fitness equipment manufacturer , GRI (Global Resource International) is a member of S-Team, President Mark Chang was appointed  as S-Team new President in Mrch, 2016.

His goal is to create an efficient supply chain, setting up quality standards, concentrating on key parts. He plans to seek government assistance: S-Team members' products can get certification through independent laboratory and share resource. 

Members will be able to use the certification to the international promotion, "Taiwan becomes fitness equipment-quality production and service centre". For suppliers, to get certification from working through independent organizations, they can promote their products to the international market. He wants to establish a complete platform of supply, not only forge an alliance between Central plants and parts suppliers, but also provides one-time solution and service for international buyers.

During the visit , president Mark Chang expressed his goal and introduce related research and development center,and the concept of sharing; to know GRI future direction, and encourage GRI to have a successful story and experience to share with members in the future.