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2016/10/20 TSIDA Taiwan Sport Industry Development Association Seminar

Guest Speaker: Global Resource International Corp. CEO Mr. James Chang

Main Guest: Formosan Life Corp. CEO Mr. Chen-lai-chu 
Participants: Taiwanese sport industry related candidates

Topic: Analysis of the current and future trend of the fitness Industry

Event Content:    
As the president of China and the Communist Party Chief Xi Jinping launched his first five-year plan (2016~2020)“Thirteen-Five Project” aiming to revolutionize the economy of China. With the project launched, the State Council of the People’s Republic of China encourages the development of fitness industry and related firms. The project’s goal is to expend the fitness industry to 3 trillion RMB while employing over 6 million people and ensuring that more than 1 hundred million citizens frequently participants in exercise activities by 2020.  
For Main land China, the central government policies aid and encourage the local development of the industry; creating countless of job opportunities. On the other hand, the growth of the sports industry in Taiwan depends on the hard work of individuals and private companies. Such as the case of the hidden champion Taiwanese company “Global Resource International Corp.” It started off with only a single product line, yet after years of hard work, they have grown into a company carrying multiple product lines, each with unique features to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. Today GRI has become the major supplier of multiple top-tier gyms in China, and is regarded as one of the fastest growing and most innovative company in the industry.
The Sport Industrial Seminar hosted by TSIDA; with the support of Mr. Chen, the CEO“Formosan Life Corp.” they invited the CEO of “Global Resource International Corp.”Mr. Change James as the guest speaker. During, Mr. Chang’s speech regarding the topic of “Analysis of the current and future trend of the fitness Industry”, he shared his experience as an entrepreneur running a factory in Mainland China, and discuss about issues such as “how to position your company”, “What should the core-values of a company be?”as well as obstacles he encountered and how he deals with it during his career.