2. yugowoman 瑜珈女
5. sportwoman 運動女
3. joggingwoman 運動女2
1. carton
4. shoes 運動配備

2106/10/31 GRI has an appointment with you--- with technological innovation to lead the future!

October 31, 2016

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Zhengzhou International Conference and Exhibition Center

2016 international fitness Festival

In such a competitive market now, how to make your own products with strong competitiveness is the problem that every company is thinking about , manufacturer of fitness equipment is no exception. Only by breaking down the traditional barriers to achieve product innovation and break-through is the best strategy. We introduce a company to you today, it has been  always based on independent research and development, science and technology for its mission, and has a strong competitive market in  fitness equipment -Qingdao Global Resource Internatonal Corp. .