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【Leg,biceps femoris,quadriceps】Muscle Group /【AWS_mh】Product Series
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AWS161D4 (Leg Press)

*The design of the devices have been patented, please do not use or imitate them without authorization. If the device pictures are used with authorization, please indicate the original source, thank you~
Muscle Group:Leg,biceps femoris,quadriceps
Product Features:
1.robusted frame work.
2.reinforced frame design to ensure performance, longevity of product, and safety.
3.stainless adjustment mechanism.
4.imported cable strand to to ensure product longevity.
5.precision pulley system to optimize workout experience.
6.top craftsmanship for paddings with extra backing lining.
7.reinforced adjustable foot plate to accommodate different environment.
8.adjustable seat with conventional linear foot plate motion.
Product Spec g.w./n.w. Resistance Force remark
set up 1805*1095*1490 (mm)
box1 1530*1030*380 (mm)
box2 1900*880*1000 (mm)
334 / 283 (kg) 195 / 430 (kg / lbs);195 kg = 10 kg*19+5kg顶片  

* The above information provides a rough reference, and the actual shipment is accurate.