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【Shoulde】Muscle Group /【Picasso】Product Series
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AWS103 Shoulder Press

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Muscle Group:deltoids, triceps
Product Features:
Special design allow vertical and horizontal grip.
Revolutionized self-adjusted back rest to optimize shoulder muscle compression.
Ergonomically designed to provide the user a natural path of motion.
L W H   L W H W(kg) Lbs shape color remarks
1615 1140 1420 67 Shroud:1500 1000 350 80 160LBS Rectangle Black 1600LBS=20LBS*7+10+10 (micro adjust)
84.3 Main frame:1530 1130 380 106.5

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The AWS-Picasso Series is a revolutionized series that adopted the idea of self-alignment and non-adjustable. The concept of self-alignment is to provide flexibility and comfort to the user’s supporting body parts such as ankles and wrists. This ergonomically engineered design not only prevents users from workout injuries due to excessive pressure; it also boosts the workout’s efficiency. The non-adjustable structure was engineered based on a concept of get-on-and-go and to create an unique visual identity. The user simply hops on the machine and finds the most comfortable handle or foot-rest and the machine will do the rest, no adjustments needed!