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AFB146 Chin up with VKR

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The AFB bench series is a high-end bench line that strives to deliver the best workout experience with an elegant look. Unlike regular workout benches, the AFB bench series uses 3mm thick tubes instead of 2.5mm thick tubes for its mainframe. This not only provide extra durability to the bench but also further stabilized the bench when users are actively exercising on it. Also the its round footplates are specifically design to endure frequent repositioning and to compromise uneven surface in gyms. When it comes to the visual elements of the bench, rather than hiding the tubes like traditional benches, we incoperate it as the product's main design feature and use it to emphasize its quality and functionality. All in all, the AFB bench is a quality series crafted to withstand heavy duty workouts with an unique style that can satify the needs of every gym.
Product Features:
Multi-position handle bars for various training and users of different height.
Bottom and side arm pads for better and more comfortable support during workout.
Well crafted balance design guarantees stability and safty of users during workout. Levitating footplate for short breaks in between workout, also help users to reach the top bars.
Optimal packaging assembling structure with extra thick connecting and support pieces.
(ps.V.K.R is the Vertical Knee Raise )
L W H   L W H W(kg)
1150 1060 2360 111 (Actual measurement) 2430 1030 310 135

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