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DWS161-U1 Leg Press / Calf Raise

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Muscle Group:quadriceps & calves
Product Features:
Self-alignment foot plate for comfort ankle movement throughout the whole workout.
No adjustment needed to switch between leg press and calf raise workout. Slide-in adjustment allows users to easliy slide-in and pull themselves in to maximize muscle compression.
Levitating seat structure to enhance hamstring compression and efficiency.
L W H   L W H W(kg) Lbs shape color Remarks
1570 1150 1420 67 1500 1000 350 80 240 rectangle black 240LBS=20LBS*11+10+10(micro adjust)
143.1 1580 710 1530 183.2

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The DWS duel function series was crafted to optimize gym space usage with style. A single-station machine of the DWS series holds the function to train two or more major muscle groups with minimal or no adjustment needed. Moreover, the in depth study of egronomy that was devoted into its design ensured that the professioncy of the machines are at the same level or even better than regular single-station machines. Not to mention the decorative aluminum pieces, customize-printing shroud image, and other accessories such as cup-holders made this a partical and stylish series.