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【Leg】Muscle Group /【CT3】Product Series
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CT3-150-U2 C Hip Abduction/ Hip Adduction

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Muscle Group:Training muscle group
Product Features:
Allow strengthening the stabilizing muscles of the inner and outer thigh to maintain the balance of movement. This exercise helps with balance and coordination.
It can stimulate more muscle fibers to create a better congestion state.
L W H   L W H W (kg) lbs shape color Remasks
1350 630 1070 72 1200 800 430 84        

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This series of products, is aimed at each of the different main muscle groups, to provide a most simple, effective, and easy way to maintain muscle tissue and function of heart and lung. The series uses an adjustable two-way damping hydraulic cylinder system, which is different from the one-way damping hydraulic cylinders on the market, which allows the user to have a two-way resistance in the reciprocating course of training, in addition to the efficiency of training, The training will be more effective because exercise all muscle groups. Hydraulic cylinder built-in six-stage load adjustment function, to provide users with more training program. In addition, the hydraulic cylinder with light load characteristics, to meet the majority of mild load users' (such as the elders, women, and children, rehabilitation, etc.) need. The CT3 is designed to be simple and lightweight, and has a small space occupancy, suitable for small places (such as office, home, etc.), and it also has the advantage of light weight, It adds an artistic color with its stylish appearance at any time for any space.