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Future of health industry


Someone asked a master "for life, what's surprised you the most? "The master replied," people for  making  money, they sacrifice health. for restoring health , they sacrifice money. Then, because of worrying about the future, unable to enjoy the present. In this way, unable to live in the present; you forget that life is short when you are alive; you find out that never enjoy your life when you are dying. 

Ma-Yun used to say' a person whose wealth will surpass me should be in the health industry ". The trend of 21 centry is health industry. it will create huge business opportunity.

Data can talk

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the human development report:

Seventy percent of adults  are in danger of death from overwork , if Chinese intellectuals do not pay attention to  sub-healthy state, in the near future, 2/3 of these people will die from cardiovascular disease!

United States studies: highly developed the advanced medical system has less relationship with people's health.

United Kingdom study confirms: 85% of drug is ineffective, the best way is to minimize medical intervention for patients. United States studies: 30%---40% of operation does not need to do!

Prevention than treatment

United States studies: factors associated with American Health life, only 10% of it is related to medical science!

To prolong American's life for 30 more years , there is no relationship with medical science in 25 years.

In China, one-third's patients died of drug adverse reactions. Rate of common disease misdiagnosis  is up to 27%. Misdiagnosis of major diseases is up to 40%.

China is entering aging society

Aging process: France 115 years, Switzerland, 85 years ; United Kingdom 80 years; United States 60 years , China 18 years.

Osteoporosis has jumped to seventh place of the common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases,  people above the age of 60 is 56%, women is 60-70%.

Incidence of fractures near one-third, annual health care costs 15 billion yuan by the most conservative estimation .

Dementia patients have reached more than 24 million worldwide,everage increase one in  every 7 seconds, Alzheimer's patients in China accounted for 1/4 of the total number in the world, with an average annual increase of 300,000 new cases.