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21st century Nutrition new star-phytochemicals

Doctor Henry  Bieler: many diseases are the symptoms that toxins was forced to be eliminated from our body instead of reason of disease. Photos by Dr. Ann Wigmore : "accumulation of toxins " and "shortage of nutrition" is the main reason to cause human disease. The father of medical science, Dr. Hippocrates: your food is your medicine! Many experts, physicians and new medical science  also proved that the most important method to ensure your health is to keep correct  balance diet .
The phytochemicals is the key to open heath secret code
Modern people know that eating fruits and vegetables is good for health, but awareness of the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables is mostly limited to vitamins, minerals and fiber; the essence of fruit and vegetables in " phytochemical" is unknown. Phytochemical only has been discovered  by scientists in recent decades and found they are truly precious in anti-aging and disease prevention. You are inspired  to know "  new balanced diet 
is phytochemical in 21st century "  we learn more about what effect they have on the human body, and how to properly eat for body absorption, and then help us and our family to maintain youth and against disease.

For healthy purpose, we have to understand " phytochemical ".

The importance of phytochemical, not only make each plant has its own special color and flavour, but also multiply and protect plant itself.
The role of phytochemical is very important
Phytochemical enables every plant to have its unique color and odor, also plays the following functions –
1. make plants  to grow better, not only looks more beautiful, stronger, and the antioxidant of phytochemical can remove free radicals on plants.
2. help to attract and spread their pollen to multiply the next generation.
3. help to extrude the invaders by its special odor and ward off harmful insects or animals; and phytochemical is the plant's immune system to help
    resistence and invasion of bacteria, viruses, and pests.

Phytochemica is as the protective umbrella of the plants, it makes beautiful, healthy. and vital nature. That human being eat plant's phytochemical will work the same function and protect us. 
The secret of anti-age and disease of phytochemical
Phytochemical is not the necessary nutrition for human being, lack of it does not cause a specific disease. However, Modern research has confirmed that phytochemical works the same function to let people keep healthy and energetic.