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Dredge the meridians, negative emotions disappear !

Chinese medicine found: dredge the meridians, negative emotions naturally disappear !

In the "Yellow Emperor",
Twelve meridians is individually responsible for each emotion, enery blockage will cause negative emotion.
if we clear the meridians, negative emotions will naturally disappear.

Check in the main emotion of twelve meridian to see what kind of emotions you are,
which meridian is blocked.
The bottom is the practice method and recommend the way below to you
A way to clear the meridian is to press the four acupuncture points.

Negative emotion of twelve meridians
Each organ is dominated by a natural positive energy if the external environment
Breaking the balance of mind and body, it will correspond with negative emotions.
It will block the meridian with much negative emotions.
By clearing those meridians, you can remove garbage from your body, and then improve or take bad mood away.

Gallbladder : 

Positive:  impartial , firm.  Negative : anxiety
Gallbladder is healthy,  it performs strong justice and fair decision; if the gallbladder is blocked,It will appear worry, indecision, an hesitation.

Liver :

Positive : tactics.  Negative : anger, accusations.
 If liver is stuck, it will show anger, attack and blame.
Dredge the liver meridian, you can down anger and calm mood.

Lungs :

Positive:  energy.  Negative:  sadness.
People are easy to be sad because of lung blocked. clearing lung meridian
can reduce the sadness and find the positive energy back.


Large intestine :

Positive : conduction, detoxification, storage. Negative : regret, annoyance.
Blocked Large intestine will appear worry and nameless temper easily.
Diarrhea is easy to regret the past things.
To eliminate negative emotions by clearing it to improve its function.

Stomach :

Positive:  acceptance, open-minded.  Negative:  careless.
People are easy to worry with stomach clogged.Easy to be Impatient with language and behavior.
It will have acne on the face, or carbuncle pus on the body.
Unclog the stomach, you can ease the impatient mood and eliminate the toxins from body.

Spleen :

Positive:  thinking.  Negative : Complaints and grievance.
In five elements , spleen is soil, it's characteristic is to carry everything either good or bad.
If spleen is normal, you can accept cold and warm , ups and downs. If spleen is clogged, you will show complaints and grievances.

Heart :

Positive : joy, delight. Negative : resentment, hatred.
Resentment is worse than complaining, and it is raised from the deepest heart.
If you have this feeling on you for a long time, it will damage health and then cause your heart clogged.
Cardiovascular problems and sudden death are mostly from heart clogging.

Small intestine :

Positive : compassion, mercy. Negative: sorrow
Everyone should have compassion.
If compassion is over , it will become sorrow.
If sorrow is over, it will become sad. Too much compassion is easy to have ulcers on intestines and stomach and easily get clogged.
Dredge the small intestine, correct bias, you can treat all the sad things calmly.

Kidney :

Positive: wisdom. Negative : fear.
If kidney is full of essence, It will turn into wisdom, fearless. It is easy to become foolish, fear, panic for lack of essence and clogging.
Children often watch horror movies and play some bloody video games are easy to lose kidney essence and affect wisdom.


Pericardium :

Positive : joy, happiness. Negative : depression
Pericardium is an assistant and enjoy helping heart to convey happy mood.
If the pericardium blocked , the happiness cannot be conveyed.
Some people don't enjoy laughter and are annoyed with a joke,Or they can not express feeling from the face, the possibility is from Pericardium clogging.
Often clearing the pericardium can effectively suppress depression and improve the level of happiness.

Sanjiao :

Positive: easy, joy from heart. Negative : tension.
If Sanjiao 'coordination is not good enough, it will bring intense emotions.
The tension before student's exam and the tension before people's interview are from bad coordination of Sanjiao .
By dredging it can effectively ease the tension.


The negative emotions of men are related to meridian clogging

People's emotions are unpredictable, many people think that their emotions are affected by the interference of outside environment.
But it is not true, it is a close relationship with clogged meridians, so today, we introduce the benefits of clearing the meridians and how to do it.
The internal organs of human body are corresponding to the different meridians, if the negative emotions are more , the meridian will be blocked.
For example, when people appear anxiety, if the liver is unclogged, then anxiety will obviously be released.  
So, everyone in the daily life must pay attention to clear the meridians and bring significant effect to get rid of negative emotions.


Clearing the pericardium

1.Foot bath

Feet are the place of meridians gathering, so we can get through the blood circulation of feet by  foot bath.
Here to remind that, in the foot bath, the water must be over the ankle to be able to promote the full running of blood on the feet.
When you make the foot bath, if you want to get significant result from foot bath, you can add some ginger in the water,
because ginger has a better divergent effect.

2.Stretch tendons

Speak frankly, stretch tendons is to unclog the meridians.  it can make the clogged pores unobstructed,
and the circulation of blood go through smoothly, so the organs will be engaged in activity, and people you feel better.

The best way of stretch is yoga, you can put out yoga mat on the ground after work at home, and play a yoga music,
and then do some stretch exercise.
For beginners , In the process of stretch, you may not stand it up , please do not force yourself, take it slowly, a little progress a day,
after a period of time, you will be able to stick to the time longer and longer.



Massage is a natural way to clear the meridians, by pushing, massage, pinch, and other methods to stimulate acupuncture points,
and clear the meridians. If you feel the way is not particularly accurate at home, then we can go outside for professional massage.
We do not need to do massage every day , about once or twice a week will be enough,
If you do more than twice a week, it doesn't help body health.


Cupping is a treatment of congestion. remove the air by heat and adsorbed on the skin,
you can get rid of cold and dampness from your body to adjust the balance of yin and yang.
Although cupping is good for physical health and meridian smooth, but after the cupping,
we must pay attention to the maintenance of the body, because the pores of the human skin after cupping will be in the open stage,
so do not take a bath in eight hours, or it will let the cold air into the body to cause disease.

5.Drink mint tea

Mint tea is good for stomach, people usually mix mint leaves with green tea and pour into the hot water ,but have some precautions.
First of all is for pregnant women, you can not drink it, because the mint is a cold material.
If pregnant women drink more , Not only will affect health, but also will affect fetus, It will be safe to avoid this danger matter.
In addition,  those in the menstrual period of women, you can not drink it, or the uterus is cold and the menstruation will be prolonged.


Exercise can drive the body to speed up the metabolism, clear the meridians, and improve physical fitness as well.  
It's very good for people to maintain health in a good condition with a good habit of regular exercise.
There is no special time limit for the exercise, as long as you have time, you can go out for a walk or jog to accelerate metabolism,
so that the meridians become smooth.

Conclusion: I  share above information with you .It's up to your personal situation to choose the way you want and let you become healthier.


In our life, we are eager to be young and afraid of old, so how to anti-aging is the issue we care about the most after all.  
The impacts of aging are many, it may affect your charm and fail body's internal organs .
How to anti-aging has many ways. 
Massage is one of them, as an integral health process of traditional Chinese medicine, we cannot imagine the benefit of massage,
an appropriate massage has great benefits in our health, The following regular massage will slow down your aging.


We can tell young or old by personal face., the face is the most intuitive appearance of young , in many people's ideas, 

smooth face and no wrinkles mean young , on the contrary, rough face and many wrinkles mean old.

Facial massage is a way to keep young, through the massage, it can effectively restore the facial skin, and increase the smoothness of the face.
Most people worry about the wrinkles on the forehead.
Normally, you can use the palm of your hands gently massage both eyes, from the bottom up to the hairline of forehead,
for the elimination wrinkles on forehead is very useful.

For some people who have eye bags and fish wrinkles, you can do light scraping along the inside of the eye, upper eyelid, lower eyelid,
and then with the massage to the temple , Sz-Bai-Shiue for the promotion of orbital blood flow has a very good effect.

In the massage when the face, to gradually force, the strength from light to heavy, continue to stimulate the deep subcutaneous tissue,
for the opening of the occlusion of the acupuncture points to improve blood tissue, promote the body oxidation has a good effect,
which can increase eye tissue nutrition , Effective anti-aging.


Armpit is an important part of the body where has plenty of lymphatic tissue,
massage here is very effective for the stimulation of Chi-Chiuan-Shiue(極泉穴), it can soothe the nerve and reconcile the  blood.
In traditional Chinese medicine, massaging this point actually can promote blood circulation to improve immunity.

Massaging armpit, you can stimulate Hand- Shaoyin -Heart Meridian(手少陰心經) because the acupuncture points and heart connect together,
it can help heart operation, blood supply and avoid palpitations, heartache.

Even if you are afraid of itch,  you can also massage the armpit to promote blood circulation,
and provide enough oxygen to the organs under armpit to strengthen the function of the armpit.


The importance of the spine for health is unspeakable, if the spine is damaged, it will cause the inconvenience of a person's movement ,
and even paralyzed.Usually, people who need long timed to sit and work should protect their spine, for example, office workers, drivers, etc.,
To maintain a sedentary posture over a long period easily cause spine feel sore.

Do not ignore the health of the spine, the spine is a particularly important part of the body where the Du Channel (督脈) pass by and very helpful for the condition of body. Once the spine is injured, often evolved a lot of serious illness.

The appropriate massage on the spine for regulating the meridians on both sides of the body and for nursing Internal organs is necessary.
It can continue to stimulate the meridians and promote blood running effectively at the same time,
so to strengthen vitality of spine is a very effective way for anti-aging.

4.legs and feet

A lot of people ignore to massage legs and feet in the life, it is not true,
Massaging legs and feet is not only very helpful on the body care but also on anti-aging.

legs are an important part of the body, some people will say that people get old because of legs old first,  legs are more likely to show the aging side.
This is undoubtedly needed for the elderly should pay more attention on their legs , in general, they are healthy except weak legs need crutch to support themselves.