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The most perfect nature, the most nutritious food - pollen

Testimony of pollen from expert

1.The most famous American nutritionist, Dr. Pavlorola, the authority of the world health care.

Pollen is the most perfect nature, the most nutritious food, it can not only enhance the body's ability to resist disease, while accelerating the ability to recover any disease; pollen also has the function of retrograde life, in short, pollen is a wonderful food, Magical medicine and the fountain of youth.

2.Famous nutrition expert , Yu-Ruo-Mu

Pollen is a micro nutritional library, the essence of gold food, green food , any artificial can't be synthesized. Because it is a genetic material, there is a double role, It is given as human treasure  from God.

3.Kang Tila ,famous cancer scientist

Natural treatment of cancer, rich and normal nutrition has become more and more important. As far as I know, there is no more nutritious food than pollen, and if you can use it properly, you can usually get the desired results. With this natural, no side effects of drugs to treat cancer, the patient can have a better expected results.

4.Dr. Simite ,Cancer specialist

Eat more pollen, because pollen contains many important ingredients that can resist cancer.

5.Wyder, writer and nutritionist

There is only one way to get all the nutrition, get real health, that is to eat pollen. Pollen contains more than 200 kinds of basic elements which the most need of the body, such as enzymes, hormones, vitamins, amino acids and other substances. In addition to pollen, there is no other thing that contains those nutrients. It is the treatment of the disease effect, people gain rejuvenation, and improve the immunity, it is very hard to believe, but all is true. Aging, indigestion, prostate disease, throat inflammation, acne, fatigue, sexual dysfunction, allergies and so on.  All can be cured with pollen.

6.Dr. Conway, Denver, Colorado, had a allergy clinical report of more than 1,000 before 1972

I believe that pollen is an excellent drug, and completely digested and absorbed, absolutely safe, the dose is not limited, the price is only 1/3 to 1 /2 of drugs.

7.I believe that pollen is an excellent drug, and completely digested and absorbed, absolutely safe, the dose is not limited, the price is only 1/3 to 1 /2 of drugs.
7.Dr. Annan, Paris, France Beekeeping Association; Dr. Lee Naiman,  French Children's Health Institute ; Dr. Freiburg, Vienna, Austria, Konica Hospital; Dr. Pollin, Paris Infectious Disease Prevention Center, Dr. Everest, Dr. Luhua, Dr. Guo, the result from above seven doctors
on the pollen drug research as follows :

Extracted antibiotics of the pollen , and maintain its activity. A lot of microbiological bacteria encountered pollen extraction, immediately died, especially some more difficult to control the pathogens, such as Salmonella, E. coli and so on. Scientists believe that pollen can adjust and control the situation in the intestine.

Pollen has successful medical treatment of gastrointestinal Qi, chronic constipation and dysentery. Also provide the recovery of healthy growth hormone, such as enteritis, bloody and mucus dysentery after serious illness, unusual weight gain, acute rheumatism, nephritis, hepatitis anemia (pollen will increase 3% of red blood cells and 15% of white blood cells) Inflammation, dysentery can promote rapid recovery.

8.Dr. Norrus,  University of Vienna, Austria

Found that pollen can reduce some of the blood of destructive substances, such as ANSAMINASE, MAIAT.


Report pollen can cure the disease of endocrine glandular enlargement.

10.Luva Mosh  and Dr. Mande, French Parisian scientist

Pollen can transform the skin's age, prevent aging, eliminate wrinkles, make the skin innocence.

11.Dr. Essen Swedish skin expert

Pollen contains highly concentrated nucleic acids and contains a lot of amino acids and active vitamins, these ingredients can strengthen the liver detoxification effect, make people's skin full of luster, elastic, eliminate wrinkles; in vivo toxins, such as acne, stains, sweat will naturally disappear.

12.Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer in history

Once in the "MIDNINGHTGIOBE" Magazine declared that pollen supplies him extra energy.

13.Dr. Staar

Pollen contains the richest vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, hormones, enzymes and oils. Even containing antibiotics and auxin. It is one of the most perfect food. Has not yet seen a negative report on pollen. It is a source of amazing energy, can make the body produce new power, eliminate fatigue, and can make a person's physical play to the extreme.

14.Steven Blauer, Greek Health Board

Pollen can reduce the demand for protein, so the principle can control the weight, while pollen contains 15% of the egg yolk, can help digest the body exceeded fat.

15.Lok Keji , United States, Coach of St. Johns University track and field

Let his team to take pollen after four months, found an amazing progress in the result. School authorities also provide funding for long-term supply of pollen to athletes.

16.American journalist Anna in the "Queen of Red" describes :

Jiang Qing had white skin, smooth and delicate, excellent maintenance, not like a 60-year-old old lady, which is one of the secret is often served pollen. Jiang Qing in prison still did not forget to tell her daughter, Li Na, that taking pollen can keep youth.