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Healing energy of crystal

For thousands of years, people around the world have used crystal power to heal or adjust the balance of body and mind. Regarding its healing result, it had been studied and published in BC. Approximately BC 1600, in the era of Babylonian Egypt , there was the use of crystal as a medical record. It is reported at that time, the patient used crystal as a treatment around the neck, or in the wound coated with powdered crystal to prevent infection.

All over the world, there is a tradition of "stone medicine." In the traditional Chinese medicine, dozens of minerals are used as medicaments, such as malachite, pyrite and amethyst, which are regarded as herbal remedies for the treatment of diseases.
The text also refers to the healing power of  crystals, there are three important elements, color , structure, and chemical . These three are the reason why crystal has a stable frequency and can bring these energies into human life and affect the state of mind.
However, I believe some people still wonder how energy of crystal come from ?

From a scientific point of view to explain:

Principle and impact of energy resonance

Quantum physics holds that everything in the world is energy and vibration. Scientists believe that the atoms which make up the universe can also be divided into particles such as electrons and neutrons. These particles have periodic movement and electromagnetic properties. Therefore, everything in the world is a kind of vibration; because the different frequency of vibration and mutual influence form the different substances, that's why the world is rich and diverse.
The theory of energy healing is based on the principle of resonance. In 1665, Christians Hegkins, a Dutch scientist. found the principle of resonance:

When two kinds of material with different frequencies meet each other, the stronger frequency causes the weaker one to vibrate at the same frequency and form a synchronous resonance. In other words, a strong frequency of vibration can be projected onto another object, so, the weaker frequency of material can be stimulated and vibrate with stronger frequency of material.

It has also been confirmed in scientific experiments that in addition to the flesh, there are invisible "bodies" - "biological magnetic field". The magnetic energy field comes from the bioelectricity formed by the electron transfer in the living body. Some organs can form extremely strong magnetic energy fields, such as heart, liver, spleen, brain and eyeballs. When applied to medicine, they become common electrocardiograms and electroencephalograms. Through the resonance of water molecules and the magnetic energy field , to describe the internal body to accurately identify the lesions of the NMR imaging.

Physical trauma and lesions affect the magnetic field, and when the magnetic energy is low and in a terrible mess, it is also reflected in the body. Mentioned earlier, the brain carries out various instructions, the process of passing message by electronic will form lots of biological power exchange, affecting the overall magnetic field. Therefore, when we are in negative emotion or negative thinking, the biological magnetic field goes into a low frequency state and is prone to illness or accident. However, if we are in a positive emotional state, we can also make the body stronger and feel empowered. Therefore, Changes by external or internal state, even from an object or a certain emotion, can make positive or negative overall biological magnetic energy.

Frequency of Crystal energy

The energy healing of crystal is comprehensive. The low-frequency vibrations from external body or internal spirit will let us feel uncomfortable, negative emotions and even soul injuries.

The entire universe is a huge and complete magnetic field. Some people call it the " Universe energy field " or the " Unified field". Here, the human magnetic field is very weak and easily affected. Since the magnetic energy field can be interactive by resonance Therefore, if the energy field of the external environment is high-frequency and stable, the human's magnetic energy will be affected and enter into a more peaceful and joyful state, and then affect the body and emotions. This is why a beautiful or faith-loving nature or holy land can give people a feeling of strength that can not be done by landfills or cemeteries.


The energy in the universe is in high frequency and never cut off, they can penetrate deeply into our imperceptible fields and reach a state of harmony through the resonance of high-frequency and low-frequency energy. The healing crystal is like a tuner or amplifier, different colors and structures of crystal is a tuned frequency of special incarnation, with it's status and energy in universe,  the energy patterns are different due to the crystal structure.

Be responsible for yourself

However, in the interaction with crystal energy, you have to be responsible for your own life in order to effectively feel the energy of the crystal. If we simply wish to rely on the power of these healing stones and place the responsibility upon them, we will not feel the power of them because of our low awareness and Irresponsible heart.

So if you do not intend to cheer up, do not want to be responsible for your own life, then it is useless with more and more expensive crystal.