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Crystal healing

Crystal therapy is to use fluctuation frequency of energy ore to fit and reinforce body's chakras.
Crystal can lead more vitality into the body, and discharge negative energy
After the energy of ore mixes with human body, it works to lock positive energy of man as well.

How negative energy enter into your chakra energy?

Negative energy can affect our lives, at home, workplace, shopping malls, MRT or bus stops, wherever you go may encounter negative energy, jealousy, pollution and stress; some people carry negative energy or sourness, they intentionally or unintentionally spread negative energy, when you encounter these energies, you are affected and polluted.

What are the benefits of crystal healing?

Crystal Healing is a powerful method that can be used to clean up negative energy and remove obstructions; it can also open and balance the chakras.
It can improve your daily life, relationships, professional work, meditation and relaxation. It affects all aspects of body, mind, emotion and spirit.
It also can help you to improve your self-healing ability.

The healing power of crystals, there are three important elements, color , structure, and chemical elements. The three elements is the reason why crystal has a stable frequency, and can bring these energies into the our life to affect the human's physical and mental state.

How does crystal healing work ? 

Crystal, which has been widely used in many ancient civilizations, the natural frequency of crystal was also used by medieval shaman wizard as a healing tool.
Crystals have great power and effectiveness in terms of overall healing and protection because they contain the vibration frequency and healing energy.
Different crystal have different energy. it reflects the calm, energy, detoxification, purification, strength , excitement , ......etc.

Principle and impact of energy resonance 

Quantum physics holds that energy is the everything in the world and everything is  vibration. Scientists believe that the atoms which make up the world can also be divided into electrons and neutrons. These particles all have periodic movement and electromagnetic properties. Therefore, everything in the world is a kind of vibration; because of the different vibration frequency and the mutual influence to form the different substances, it makes a rich and diversified world.

The theory of energy healing is based on the principle of resonance. In 1665,

Christen Hegkins, a Dutch scientist, found it:

When two kinds of objects with different frequencies meet each other, the stronger vibration frequency causes the weaker party to vibrate at the same frequency to form a phenomenon of synchronous resonance.

In other words, a strong vibration frequency can be projected onto another object to make the object with weaker vibration be stimulated and vibrate with stronger vibration frequency.

It has also been testified in scientific experiments that in addition to the flesh, there are invisible "bodies" - "biological magnetic energy".

The magnetic energy comes from the bioelectricity which is formed by the transferred electron in the living body. Some organs can form a particularly strong magnetic energy,
such as heart, liver, spleen , brain, eyeball; its application in medicine, has become a common ECG and EEG,

Through the resonance between water molecules and magnetic energy, the inside of the human body is depicted to
accurately identify the lesions of the MRI
Physical trauma and lesions affect the magnetic energy, and when the magnetic energy is low and confusing, it is also reflected in the body.

Mentioned earlier, the brain carries out various instructions, the delivery of information by electrons will form
a large number of bio-energy exchange, affecting the overall magnetic energy.

Therefore, when we are in negative mood or negative thinking, the biological magnetic energy goes into a low frequency state and
easy to get sick or accident.

However, if it is in a positive mood, it can also make the body become stronger and stronger and feel empowered. Therefore, through the change of external or internal state, even a certain object or a change in mood, can make the overall biological magnetic energy to positive or negative.

 The frequency of crystal  

The energy of crystal healing is comprehensive, whether it is physical, mental, soul, it comes from the external or internal factors caused by low-frequency vibration,
let us feel unwell, negative emotions, and even feel the soul hurt.

The entire universe is a big and complete magnetic field. Some people call it the "cosmic energy field" or "unified field"

The human magnetic field is very weak and easily affected, because the magnetic field can interact through resonance,

Therefore, if the external environment of the energy field is high-frequency and stable, human magnetic energy will be into a more peaceful or joyful state, then affect the body and emotion. This is why the beautiful and faithful nature or holy places can give full strength to people, this cannot be done by a waste yard or graveyard.


The energy in these universes belongs to high frequency and has never been cut off, they can penetrate into our imperceptible fields,

The resonance by high-frequency energy and low-frequency energy achieves a harmonious state. The healing stone is like a tuner or amplifier,

Different colors and structures of crystal is a tuned incarnation of special frequency, it
has the status and energy in the universe, The energy pattern is also different due to the crystalline structure.


Sincere reminder --- responsible for yourself

However, in the interaction with your crystal energy, you have to be responsible for your own life in order to effectively feel the energy of the crystal.

If we just want to rely on the power of these healing stones and place responsibility on them, you won't feel the power of healing stones because of your low awareness and blind heart.

So if you do not intend to cheer up, do not want to be responsible for your life, It's useless even use more and expensive crystal ~