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Each human being is a living energy conversion system

"Bio-electromagnetic humans" are the most advanced quantum machines in the universe, and each human being is a living energy conversion system.
Telepathy and intuition are two closely related phenomena that both involve the use of thoughts in ways that science does not yet fully understand. One day, humans will understand quantum physics and magic. These two topics actually belong to the same class of topics and time and space.
The human body and energy field are specially designed tools to help the soul achieve its life tasks. It is a combination of energy body and consciousness. However, the human personality structure and defense system (which can also be understood as the ego), and the entire system of the human body make the soul lose connection with its life mission.
Sound contradictory? Yes, it is so contradictory, but it is also the truth.
Before awakening, we will live according to the beliefs we believed in the past. Many times, we are out of the truth, but the world in our eyes is just a three-dimensional illusion, not the truth, and we live in this distorted reality, and interact with it to create for ourselves Cause a lot of pain, thus hindering the flow of energy, blocking or slowing down the flow of energy, and the blockage of energy will eventually lead to physical illness.
If you can understand that the crux of the real problem is not in the physical world, start to see yourself as one in the universe, eliminate negative beliefs, clear energy flow blockages, relieve pain or disease, absorb energy from the environment, decompose, transform and re-integrate, and then Higher spiritual states are sent back to the universe, the energy we transform is conscious, that is spiritualizing matter and affecting others around us in a positive way.
These energies transformed by you will release energy back to help you achieve your life tasks with more people.
It's time for us to understand ourselves deeply and start the era of mind navigation.