2. yugowoman 瑜珈女
5. sportwoman 運動女
3. joggingwoman 運動女2
1. carton
4. shoes 運動配備

Fly against the wind

You don't need to be top and then start, but you need to start and then to be the top !

Today, heard a very touching story,

He was a great boss, he was 28 years old, and go with two friends to do business in China,
After 10 years, each of them  carried 60 million of the debt back.

Three of them ,one committed suicide; one was at Taipei main station as the homeless; and he didn't give up,after 8 years , he is worth hundreds of millions.

The "problem" and "frustration" is inevitable  always  in our life,
it can make a person grow stronger or let him become weaker, frustration can be great power , but also can be a  huge obstacle,

It's up to what kind of person who you are. Are you a person who work on the problem? or are you a person let the problem around you? 

Many people speak with excuses always,
no money, no time, no way, I can't , my family, my mom, my dad said, my dog said,
I am stupid, I am lazy, I have no power, only with fist three-minute enthusiasm.
talked a lot, but don't even think about how to work, 

You can't do what you should do because all of these excuses.
calm down and think it over, 

Actually the problem is not that difficult to solve,
you just never find a way, never try to solve it.

You stop yourself thinking more, you just turn it around,
don't even find out answers and always complain about no hope in your life,
dream never run away, only you go away,

The poorest can be a lawyer,the rogue can become a professor,
vocational student can become Taiwan's richest man, the deaf can be a musician,

People were not born to solve problems, but if you really  want to do your best to solve the problem, you can make it in your life.
Every family has their own problem,not only you will meet the problem,

none of us is exceptional.

Only your heart can strive you to succeed.

Now, this moment, many this moment was sad , painful, miserable,
no way can be changed, because of it, so we have to work hard to change our future.

What kind of person you are? What kind of man are you going to be?

Let us all work together now, move towards a prosperous future,
because life is only once, can't make it over.

If you want to change, any time will be ok,
none will never be ready for the day comes,
the day comes on making up your mind to start to change !