2. yugowoman 瑜珈女
5. sportwoman 運動女
3. joggingwoman 運動女2
1. carton
4. shoes 運動配備

A coin story


There is a young man, due to poor family, drop out of school to take care of frail parents. One day he concentrated walking on the road, unexpectedly  picked up a coin.
Before he passed the garden, the gardeners said they were thirsty. He bought water with some money for them to drink, they appreciated him very much and each of them bought a bunch of flowers as a gift to him.

While passing the market, he gave the flowers to the people who love it, and people who got the flower gave him a coin for appreciation, so he had eight coins in total.

One day, after a burst of wind, the orchard is full of fallen leaves and branches.

The young man talked to the gardener: "I am willing to help you to clean the orchard, can I take  these branches and leaves home as firewood?"
The gardener was very happy and said "Yes, yes, you can take them all"

while the young man was picking up firewood, a group of children nearby had argument for some candy , so young people use these eight coins to buy some candy to give these children, and told them unity is strength.  They saw this young man was picking up firewood, then they helped him to clean it up very fast.

The young man was ready to pull these firewood home, a chef from a rich master came to say:
"The firewood is very good, no smoke, and my master is afraid of smoke."
After listening , the young man said: "Then you take it!"

The chef said, "how can I take it with out pay?" So the chef paid 16 coins and took the firewood.
The young man took these 16 coins, he thought he can do a lot of good things with those coins, so he opened a tea stall, not only earn some money for selling water  but also provide free water to 500 mowing workers nearby. They were very happy and thumbed up to him every day.

Soon after, a passing businessman stopped drinking and told him, "There will have a bunch of horse traders with 400 horses going through here tomorrow, please prepare some more tea."

The young man thought that the horses should need to eat grass when the traders rest for drink, so he told this to the mowing workers, and every mowing worker gave him a bunch of grass!

After all, the young man had 500 bundles of grass the next day., the traders came, they rested in the tea stall and saw many good grass, they ask price to buy.
The young man said, "These grasses are from my friends , if you need them, you just take it." The traders smiled. After drinking the tea, they dropped 1000 coins to towed 500 bunch of grass away.

A few years later, a very well-know rich man came from here.......

The story is very simple, the success of young people is not accidental, because he has a good heart and compassion.

He knew that you want to gain something you should give for it; everything is useful; to achieve one thing, the power of human being can not be underestimated ;  he knew more about the man who grab the opportunity will be very successful.

Each of us dreams of success, and the opportunity is in front of us, the wealth is around us. However, some people complain about poor fortune; some people complain about social injustice ... ... In fact, we really need to think others first and then yourself; need to give and then gain ; need to cherish all things; need to take action at present.